Teams / SharePoint Online – You can now manage Teams channel from the SharePoint Online administration portal

As you already know, when you create a Teams it automatically create a SharePoint Online site which then will be used to stored the Teams and channels files.

Until now, it was only possible to see the Teams site in the SharePoint Online administration portal and you were not able to see and manage the Teams Channels.

Well, this is no longer the case.

From the SharePoint Online administration portal you are now able to quickly identify if a site is linked with a Teams as well as manage the channels of this Teams.

You can identity if a site is linked to a Teams thanks to the new column Teams and looking to the Teams icon showing in the Active sites view


In addition you can now know the number of channels a specific Teams has thanks to the new Channel sites column


If you click on the link showing the number of channel a Teams has you will get the list of the channels, letting you know who created it, who is the administrator(s), when it was created as well as the size of this channel. In addition you will also know the Sensitivity label applied to it.


You can not edit channels.

This feature is currently being deployed and expected to be completed by late January 2022.

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