Intune – You can now let users to choose the region during an autopilot enrolment

By know I hope you are already aware about the Intune Autopilot feature which allows you to enroll Windows devices without IT intervention or deploying a golden image.

Well, until now when creating (or editing) an Autopilot profile, Intune administrators had to choose how the region will be set during the enrolment, which basically can be frustrating for end-users as some time they want to have a different region.

Good news, you can now let your end-users choose the Region during the Autopilot enrollment.

To create or edit an Autopilot profile to take advantage of it, connect to your Intune/Endpoint Manager Portal portal ( and reach the Devices\Enroll devices\Windows Enrollment\Deployment Profiles blade to create or edit an Autopilot profile

There for the Language (region) section you now have the option to User select


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