Azure AD – New user overview blade

A new user overview blade has been made available in Azure AD.

This new blade simpler and easier access to the user settings and properties.

Please note this new blade can only be accessed from the Azure Active Directory\Users\All users blade; it is not available when accessing directly from the Users section


When accessing the users blade, you will see a banner to let you switch back to the ‘old’ experience (which is still the one when you access the Users section)


Here is how the new overview blade looks like now:

  • The overview tab gives you access to the main information about the user account
  • The monitoring tab gives the sign-ins statistics
  • The properties tab gives you access to the user properties with option to edit them; the updated properties tab is now showing information about on-premises attributes which is quite useful when troubleshooting.

image  image

When you choose to edit one of the attribute, the edit page will allows you to also edit other attribute and/or use the All tab


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