Teams – The calendar Teams app disappearance

AS you may know Teams allows you to access your mailbox calendar.

Well, if for some reason the calendar Teams app disappear from all of your client (Windows, web, mobile) for all of your users you may need to have a look at the Exchange configuration, especially if this happen while there has been no configuration change on Teams and the calendar has always been there.


You may found on internet lot of blog or forum with a solution to solve the issue; they are not going to work, including answers on forum from ‘so called’ Microsoft support or Microsoft representative.

Indeed, the calendar Teams app access your users mailbox using EWS.

If for some reason there has been a change at the EwsAllowList setting in Exchange Online, the calendar Teams app may disappear.

By default, the EwsAllowList setting in Exchange Online is set to allow any application to access Exchange Online (and as such the mailboxes) using EWS.

If you change this default setting or have to manage the EWS allow list setting to restrict application accessing Exchange Online, you need to ensure you have the below applications approved/authorized to use EWS


If these applications are not listed in the EwsAllowList, run the below PowerShell command

Set-Organizationconfig -EwsAllowList @{Add=”*Teams/*”,”MicrosoftNinja/*”}

After running the PowerShell command you will have to wait a little bit before the calendar app appears again after restarting the Teams client


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