Teams – Number of simultaneous participants shown in video is increasing

This has been an important customers request and Microsoft Teams is going to increase the number of simultaneous video participants in Teams meeting from 4 to 9.


For more than 9 participants, those with video on will be prioritized to be shown on the stage. Participants with audio will be shown below the meeting stage. To provide a high audio and video quality experience, the layout logic will consider user bandwidth and alter the number of videos shown to provide the best meeting experience.

Roll out is scheduled to start in late April with a completion date set to early May.

NOTE as reminder you can also turn off incoming video stream by using the chat options


2 thoughts on “Teams – Number of simultaneous participants shown in video is increasing”

  1. 9 is still not good enough. Zoom allows 49. I have classes with between 10 and 25 students. I have teams at work with 20 people in them. 9 might have worked last year, now it is woefully inadequate.

    1. Zoom has quite a lot of issue with privacy and security
      Regarding this number of simultanous video, what ever the number there will always be people which will not be happy with it (not enough, too much…)

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