Azure Information Policy – You can now set permissions using All Authenticated Users or All users within your organization

Azure Information Protection (AIP) has been updated to let you set AIP Protection to either All Authenticated Users or All Users within your Organization.

These specific configuration can be helpful when you don’t really want to restrict access to specific and limited set of user but still want to restrict what can be done with the content (permissions and expiration), or when you do not want to restrict the access but want to track who is accessing it

You can either create a new AIP label or update existing ones if you want to use this new capability.


  • Then go to the Labels section and either create a new one or edit an existing one
  • You need to enable (if not yet enabled if you edit existing label) the Protection


  • Then open the Protection option being shown just below (this is the field with the keys being used for AIP)
  • Finally use the Set Permissions and Add permissions to select either ‘Your organization – All members’ or ‘Any authenticated users’


The difference between both is one is limited to any user within your organization while the other one (All Authenticated Users) can also include external recipients, as soon as they have been authenticated.

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