Azure AD Connect – A new version of the directory synchronization tool is available

A new version ( of Azure AD Connect has been released.

You can get it from

You need to know that this version is going to overwrite your setting for autoupgrade if you have it set to not automatically update.


Before Update After Update
image image

If you want to keep the autoupgrade disabled you will need to run the following command after the upgrade is completed

Set-ADSyncAutoUpgrade -AutoUpgradeState Disabled

As part of this update, Microsoft has fixed few issues (as always) and introduced full support for TLS 1.2 or an updated connectivity diagnostic tool (see below)

Also, because there has been few changes in the schema, it is highly recommended to run a full sync after the upgrade is completed.

AAD Connect Connectivity Diagnostic

The ADConnectivity tool is a PowerShell module used either:

  • during installation/upgrade when a network connectivity is preventing AAD Connect setup to connect
  • when an administrator is manually calling the module

The ADConnectivity tool module is located in the Tools subdirectory of AAD Connect installation directory (default is C:\Program Files\Microsoft Azure Active Directory Connect\Tools\) and is called ADConnectivityTool.psm1

After calling the PS module you can then manually start a connectivity check using the command


Additional parameters can be provided; when one is required and not provided you will be asked to provide it (see for details)

NOTE it seems this page is not completely up to date as some parameters are not listed.

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