Office 365 – Your end-users will received communications from Microsoft with trainings and tips

An update is being deployed on Office 365 which will send notifications to your end-users with trainings and tips for using Office 365 services.

While this comes from a good intention, it is clear this will obsessed some end-users, administrators and/or training person as it is going to bypass the ‘traditional’ training path.

End-users will receive trainings and tips information only for the service they have been enabled/licensed for.

Thankfully Office 365 administrators can manage this feature to enable/disable it.

This feature will be turned on by default starting November 29.

If you want to disable it go to your Office 365 administration portal ( or – reminder: this is the new home for the administration portal) and go to Services & Add-ins


And turn off the option for End User Communication


If you leave the default option (turned on), your end-users will also have the choice to unsubscribe to these notification from the My Account (which can be accessed from the contextual menu available when clicking on the user picture at the top right) portal using the Security and Privacy\Contact Preferences


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