Entra ID – Multiple passwordless account are now available on Android

As you probably already know, Entra ID has been provided a passwordless capability to sign-in to applications without using password for quite some time (see Passwordless sign-in with Microsoft Authenticator – Microsoft Entra ID | Microsoft Learn).

Well, there was an important limitation as only 1 account could be configured as passwordless with Microsoft Authenticator.

Then, multiple passwordless account was made available on iOS devices only some time ago.

Good news, as now this functionality is now available also for Android devices.

The process to register additional account as passwordless is the same as for iOS or when only 1 account was supported.

Open your Microsoft Authenticator app to select the additional account you want enable for passwordless and start set up phone sign-in and follow the prompts

NOTE guest accounts are not supported for passwordless

image  image

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