Teams – Get notified when somebody becomes available

Sometime when you wants to have a chat wit somebody, his status is not set to available (such as in a meeting, busy, away or do not disturb).
This means if try to start the chat, you either are not going to get a reply back or maybe disturb this person.

If you decide to wait, then you can forgot to check again if this person is now available.

Well, good news, as now you can get notified by Teams when this person becomes available.

This feature is available with the new Teams client from either the Chat or the People section.

To get notified when somebody becomes available, open the ellipsis menu and choose the option Notify when available


Then when this person becomes available you will get the notification


You can  manage such notifications (and even add/remove people without going through the Chat/People sections) by accessing your Teams client settings under the Notifications and activity\PeopleManage status notifications

image  image

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