Azure AD – You can now publish multiple internal URLs with a single Application Proxy and validate backend SSL certificate

As you may know, you can publish internal web applications using Azure AD Application Proxy.

Until now, when you had to publish multiple different internal URLs, you had to create one Application Proxy for each URL.

Well, good news as now you can publish multiple internal web application using only one Application Proxy.

The first thing to do is to create a wildcard Application Proxy as documented here

Then you need to edit this new wildcard application to add application segments – each segment will be each individual internal web application from the Application proxy\Basic blade

image  image

When creating a segment, you can define the corresponding internal and external URL, CORS settings (optional)


The good news is if you already have created individual Application Proxy for your internal web applications, you don’t need to delete them first

Keep in mind that when you create a wildcard Application Proxy and segments, some settings – such as assignments, SSO… – apply to all segments

Another great new improvement for Azure AD Application Proxy is you can now also validate the backend SSL certificate by accessing the Application proxy\Advanced blade


If you implement a wildcard application with segments, this options is being automatically enabled

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