Office 365 – You can now manage ownerless Office 365 Groups and Teams

By now, you may be familiar with Office 365 Groups and/or Teams (if not have a look here or

With time, an Office 365 Group/Teams may have lost its owner(s) as part of the work life cycle when peoples are leaving the organization.

This introduces a governance issue as you may ended to be in situation where you can no longer identify the owner(s).

Good news, you can now enable your Office 365 Group/Teams to request the members to take ownership of it (not enabled by default).

To do so, connect to your Office 365 administration portal ( and access the Settings\Org Settings blade and then the Services\Microsoft 365 Groups to enable and configure this option

image  image

The Ownerless groups option allows you to define:

  • which members will get notified with the option to take ownership; either
    • all active members
    • selected active members
    • exclude selected active members

for both “selected” options you will have to define a security group

  • the number of active members – default is set to 5, to up to 90
  • weekly notification period – from for 1 to up to for 7 weeks
  • the sender of the notification – this can be either a specific user account or group
  • customize the notification message
  • get it applied to all groups or a selection of groups

Once done, a notification will be sent accordingly to your settings.

Identified users will then receive a notification like the below one to take or not ownership of the group


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