Teams – The Teams Windows client now provides Call Health information

As you know, Teams heavily relies on Internet connection for meetings and call.

Calls (with or without video enabled) can be badly impacted by the network connectivity.

Well, to help end-user to have network quality information to share with their internal support team in case of bad quality calls, the Teams client on Windows now provide Call Health details.

To display these details, open the ellipsis/More Actions menu to then select the Call health option


There you will have overall details of your call for audio, video, screen sharing and then for each section you can get more details by clicking on the View more <option> data menu

image  image

2 thoughts on “Teams – The Teams Windows client now provides Call Health information”

  1. I appreciate knowing about this option and it confirms what I have been suspecting. Specifically, when connecting to a Teams call, the amount of throughput/data capacity that I am able to send out is severely limited (often below 1 Mbps and my roundtrip times are long). My internet connection speeds are consistently 500-580 Mbps down and 490-510 up. Packet loss is zero. My ISP insists there is no issue on their end. My company’s IT department points to the ISP and I think they are right. I have enabled port forwarding to the optimized UDP and TCP ports Teams listed as well as created port forwarding rules for 443 and 80. If I take my laptop to a different connection (such as a co-worker’s home) my connection is fine. He comes here and his connection is as bad as mine. Other apps like Zoom work flawlessly. Can anyone suggest anything to possibly help me remedy this issue? Everyone seems legitimately puzzled. Thank you.

  2. Hey Mark,

    Try browsing to and running a test. Could be that your Router DNS/ISP DNS is sending you all over the place before you hit Microsoft. Run the test at your co-workers home as well to compare the results and see if you’re hitting a different Microsoft Relay.

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