SharePoint / Teams – Self-Recovery feature on SharePoint and Teams

After providing ability to restore OneDrive for Business files (we are not talking about the recycle bin here), Microsoft is now providing the same feature for SharePoint Online library and Microsoft Teams.

This feature will be relevant in situation like when you suspect your files have been corrupted and/or infected by malware (let say like an encryption malware); for ‘normal’ deleted files recovery, the recycle bin is still the best option.

The self-recovery option is being available on Office 365 tenant and expected to be completed by May 2019.

To restore a SharePoint library (without the need of administrator action), just go the library you suspect has been corrupted and want to recover and open the Gear menu to choose Restore this library


Then choose the recovery  point (up to the last 30 days


After selecting the recovery point you will get activity details; you then just have to check the check box in front of the recovery date


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