OneDrive for Business – Automatic file rename with invalid characters

As you know there are quite few unsupported characters in file or folder names for synching with OneDrive for Business (see

This is often a major problem with end-users.

Well, the good news is Microsoft is pushing a OneDrive update to automatically help with these unsupported/invalid characters by renaming it for you.


This new option will appear as soon as a file or folder name match the one of following:

  • Names beginning or ending with a space
  • Names beginning or ending with a period
  • Names containing unsupported Unicode code points
  • Names with surrogate pair issues

That said, not all unsupported context will be supported (yet?) like if the name contains either of the following characters:

” * : < > ? / \ |

The rollout is already started and is planned to be completed by end of April.

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