Azure – Windows Virtual Desktop is now available in preview

After having being announced some time ago, the Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD)  solution is now available in preview.

Based on Windows 10 operating system, this delivers multi-user session on Windows 10, quick scalability and supports Windows Server Remote Desktop Service apps.

Windows Virtual Desktop is free is you have Microsoft 365 E3, E5 or F1 or Windows E3 or E5 licenses. Only the virtual machine resources (storage and compute) consumed will be charged.

Windows Virtual Desktop also offers for Windows 7 customers extended security updates up to January 2023 to help you move to a more modern OS.

To start using WVD you need to first grant permissions (using a global administrator account) to WVD to query your Azure AD by accessing the page, select Server App for the Consent option and provide your AAD tenant GUID


Then logon to your Azure portal ( and access the Marketplace


Then search for Windows Virtual and select Windows Virtual Desktop – Provision a host pool


Configure the various settings for the host pool – name, virtual desktop type (pooled – to direct users to the best available session host – or personal – to get each user having their own virtual machine), resource group – NOTE the resource group must be empty so maybe create a new resource group, usage profile (light, medium heavy – this define the virtual machine size)…


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