OneDrive – Per-machine installation is now available in preview

imageAs you now, the OneDrive client is installed and running under the user profile.

A preview is now available to get the client installed under the Program Files (x86) (for x64 OS version) and Program Files (for x86 OS version). This means you can now get OneDrive client installed on a per-machine instead of per-user; this is way only one client will need to be updated over the time.

To start using this new per-machine installation capability, get the client version 19.043.0304.0003 (or later) here and deploy it (either manually (with a Run as Administrator command prompt) or with SCCM) using the command OneDriveSetup.exe /allusers


If there was already accounts configured, they will be automatically migrated into the per-machine installation.


After the first installation, it may take some time to get OneDrive ready.

This does not change anything from an end-user experience; this only change the way the client is installed.

If you need to rollback to the current installation mode, you will need to uninstall the client and then run again the client setup without the /allusers parameter.

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