Azure – Deploy Azure Bastion as private (preview)

By now I hope you know about Azure Bastion, the Azure solution allowing you to connect to your Azure virtual machine though the web browser rather than opening management ports or deploying a jump box virtual machine.

Lately, Microsoft has introduced a free version of Azure Bastion (Bastion Developer – see Azure – New low cost Azure Bastion SKU – Bastion Developer (preview) (

Well, Bastion just got a new capability to allow you deploying Bastion in private; meaning with no need to use Internet and a public IP address.

Diagram showing Azure Bastion architecture.

Private-only Bastion deployments don’t allow connections to the bastion host via public IP address.

First, few things to be aware:

  • Only available with Premium Bastion SKU
  • Only available during the deployment of Bastion
  • You can not migrate from regular to private-only SKU
  • If you already have a Bastion deployed within a virtual network and want to implement private-only, you need to remove Bastion from the network
  • If you are using ExpressRoute or VPN to connect to Azure, you need to configure in-private Bastion using the IP-Based connection

When deploying Azure Bastion, you have to choose the Private IP address option for the Configure IP Address section


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