Entra ID – You can now have a better change tracking experience for Conditional Access policies (preview)

As you probably already know, you can track activities on Entra ID, from authentication to configuration changes.

For some of these changes – such as conditional access policy updates – you can also get the old and new value in JSON format.


As reading a JSON formatted information is not always easy, especially to identify quickly the modifications.

Well, good news, as you can now have a better change tracking experience for actions on conditional access policy.

To enjoy this new change tracking experience, you have to connect to your Entra ID portal (https://entra.microsoft.com/) to access the Monitoring & health\Audit logs blade.

Then filter the logs to Conditional Access service to just get the conditional access configuration activities.


Then select one of the CA activity by clicking on the corresponding date and access the Modified properties section; you will then see the JSON information with the before and after values but also a blue banner “Click here to view changes to the Conditional Access policy (Preview).” which will show a more readable and understandable view of the change.

With this view you can view the changes side by side or inline

image  image

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