Entra ID – New Entra ID Connect version released with major updates

1_4lllbq-z3oIg-bloHO7vFQ  If you are synching your on-premises Active Directory to Entra ID (aka Azure AD), you must be aware of the release of a new Entra ID Connect (aka Azure AD Connect) version – 2.3.2) with major updates.

  One of them is the retirement of the group writeback feature as announced in November 2023 – see https://blog.hametbenoit.info/2023/12/15/entra-id-get-ready-for-group-writeback-depreciation/).

As always, even with no major updates, it is important to keep your Entra ID Connect instances up to date to stay supported.

  • Application scaling with Windows Accessibility font size setting has been added.
  • Group Writeback V2 can no longer be enabled as the feature is being decommissioned.
  • SQL related drivers shipped with Microsoft Entra Connect have been updated. ODBC to 17.10.5, OLE DB to 18.6.7.
  • Microsoft Entra Connect Health shipped with Microsoft Entra Connect has been updated to 4.5.2428.0.

The new version can be downloaded from

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