Azure / Azure AD – Administrators can now reset user’s password from the Azure mobile app

By now, Azure administrators should be aware about the Azure mobile application for Android or iOS.

Few month ago, Microsoft has started to include access to your Azure AD tenant from the Azure mobile application (see

Well, this access has been now improved as you can now reset user’s password from the application.

NOTE 1 Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) is not supported at this time.

NOTE 2 This is not (yet?) working for synchronized accounts; only cloud account can get their password reset

To do so, you need off course to be granted the proper permissions (either global, user or password administrator).

Then using your Azure mobile application, access the Azure Active Directory section to search for the user you want to reset the password.

Open the Authentication methods option to reset the password

image  image

After hitting the Reset password button, the new temporary password is shown


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