Azure – New cost management workbook available in preview

Managing cost when running cloud services is an important thing and maybe sometime difficult, especially ensuring you are using all cost optimization benefits such as Azure Hybrid benefits.

To help you checking you are properly optimizing your workloads cost, a new workbook is now available in preview to give you an overview of your cost.

This workbook is based on the cost optimization pillar from the Azure Well Architected Framework.

To start using this new workbook, connect to your Azure portal ( and access the Azure Advisor


Then access the Workbooks blade to open the Cost optimization workbook


This workbook is going to provide you cost optimization recommendations for compute, Azure Hybrid Benefits, storage and networking


The compute section will let you know that you have virtual machine in stopped state (not deallocated), VMSS optimization or even AKS. By clicking on the resource(s) you can directly access the corresponding resource to apply the recommendation.


The Azure Hybrid Benefit section will let you know if you have resources (virtual machines/SQL) which do not have the hybrid benefit not enabled


Enjoy this new cost optimization workbook.

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