Teams – New meeting type available

With Microsoft Teams you can now create new types of meeting:

  • Meeting: classic meeting type – already existed
  • Webinar: the webinar meeting type – already existed
  • Town Hall: for company/team town hall – new
  • Virtual Appointment – new
  • Controlled-Content – new
  • Live event: already existed


This allows you to create meeting corresponding to your need based on predefined templates.

When creating a new meeting using one of these templates, users can adjust the default settings defined by Microsoft (or Teams administrators).

NOTE if you want to create or edit default template you need to have a Teams Premium license.

If you have such license and want to create and  manage meeting templates, you need to access your Teams administration portal ( to access the Meetings\Meeting template blade


In addition of creating and managing meeting templates, with Teams Premium license you will be able to customize – meaning showing/hiding meeting templates – the meeting template policies from the Meetings\Meeting template policies blade


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