Teams – You can now use an avatar in meetings (preview)

You know that when you join a Teams meeting you can turn on your camera.

Well, there is time you may not want to turn on the camera, in this case when you join the meeting a generic ‘picture’ with your initials is displayed.

To make things better, you can now use an avatar instead of turning your camera on.

NOTE avatar is only available on Teams client on Windows and Mac and as view only on mobile.

To do so, open your Teams client to access the Apps section to search for avatar

image  image

Then you can start building your avatar by selecting the base (you can choose between 36 bases)


Then you can customise the base by changing the body shape, face, hair…

You can create up to 3 different version of your avatar

image  image

Once you are done, you are all set

Next time you join a meeting you will have the option to use your avatar; just click on the Effects and avatars option available below the camera

This will let you choose one of the avatar you have created or to create a new one directly from there

image  image  image

If you want to turn on your avatar during the meeting, just open the more menu to select Effects and avatar

image  image

From the same menu you can access to some reactions to make your avatar more interactive

image  image

Your avatar is also reacting to the use of the Teams emoji

image  image

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