Azure AD – You can now set an Azure AD Application Proxy app in maintenance mode

If you use Microsoft Cloud services, you know that identity and access control is managed by Azure AD.

Azure AD which comes with a feature called Azure AD Application Proxy to allow you publishing internal applications without configuring your firewall and can integrate with Azure AD for authentication and access control (see to know more).

If you have published internal application with Azure AD application proxy, you will be pleased that you can now enable a maintenance mode for them.

This maintenance mode will display a ‘nicer error’ page to end users to let them know the application is not available right now because of a maintenance.


To turn on the maintenance mode for an Azure AD application proxy, just logon to your Azure AD portal ( or Entra portal ( to access the:

  • Azure AD portal: Azure Active Directory\Enterprise applications blade
  • Entra: Applications\Enterprise application blade

and search for the application proxy you want to set in maintenance mode.

Then access the Application proxy blade to turn on the maintenance mode


This maintenance mode is also available when creating a new application proxy


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