Teams – You can now add presenter bios and define your own theme when creating a webinar

You may already know that you can create and host webinar using Teams.

Well, you can now provide additional information about the presenter(s) of the webinar by adding a short bio.

To do so, using your Teams client create a new webinar and fill up the webinar details (title, description, schedule…) and save it

image  image

Once saved you will have access to the Presenter bios section on the left side to edit the presenter details – you can also add a photo

image  image

You can then edit the theme used for the website, including adding your own logo


Once completed you can then publish the webinar with the presenter bios to the website

NOTE before publishing please review and ensure the Event access setting in the Details tab is set at the level you expect – Private or Public

After publishing you will get the website URL to share


8 thoughts on “Teams – You can now add presenter bios and define your own theme when creating a webinar”

  1. Hey Benoit, any idea how you apply a permanent presenter bio so it is there every time you create a new webinar?

    1. Hi Chris
      sorry but there is no option to create a permanent bio because this is saved on the website specifically created for the event
      best option I see is having a shared storage location – for example a SharePoint – where the bio can be saved in Word or a list

  2. Hi there. I am trying to add the bio detail for two speakers without much success. Once I hit save, I just get the wheel of death inside a narrow white rectangle. Any thoughts as I am beginning to lose the will to live

    1. Nope, simple reason is there is information for bio (linkedin profile, twitter…) which are not available in AAD
      Plus the presenter may not be a member of your AAD tenant

  3. Thanks Beniot. how about auto fill for internal presenters only and for only organization and Job title field?

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