Azure – You can now manage the NSG from the Azure mobile application

If you manage an Azure environment and have installed the Azure mobile application (Azure Companion application) you already know that you start/stop a virtual machine and have access basic metrics and details.

Well, you can now also manage the network security rules applied to the virtual machine too.

To do so, access one of your virtual machine to access the Network Interface (bottom of the virtual machine blade)


There you will see the Network security group section which then allows you to see Inbound/Outbound rules

You can also add or edit a rule

When adding a rule, you will be notified on the impact on subnet(s) and network interface(s)

Any new rule added from the Azure Companion application is added to the network security group

IMPORTANT a rule added from the Azure Companion application can not be deleted from the Azure Companion application

NOTE there is no distinction between NSG rules attached to the network subnet (recommended) or the NSG rules directly attached to the NIC

image  image  image  image

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