Azure Virtual Desktop – You can now monitor your AVD at scale (preview)

If you use the Azure virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) Azure Virtual Desktop, you already know that you can monitor your AVD host pool health (insights).

Well, until know if you had multiple host pools – which is the case if you have a mix of pooled and personal host – you could not have insights for all your host pools at once; you had to go to each individual host pool to see their insights.

God new, you can now have insights for all of your host pools – even when deployed across different subscriptions and using different Log Analytics workspace –  in one single dashboard.

To access this single insights view, logon to your Azure portal to access the Azure Virtual Desktop Insights (preview) blade – or use this direct short link


You may have to edit the subscriptions filter to select all the subscriptions hosting an AVD host pool


In addition of this new single insights view, you can also now have access to the Round trip time (RTT) – or latency – when accessing the Connection Performance tab


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