Teams – You can now delete chats

If you use Microsoft Teams, you know that your Chats section can become cluttered as it keeps all chats you have in either 1 to 1 or during meetings.

Well, good news, you can now delete chat, not just your own message but the full chat.

To do so, open your Teams client and access the Chats section to look for the chat you want to delete and open the contextual menu (the ellipsis) to select Delete chat


This will permanently remove the chat for you; other users (internal or external) will continue to see and have access to the chat.

Off course if there is any retention policies applied to Teams Chats, the retention policy will continue to be applied; the message is simply no longer available for the user which has deleted it.

Teams administrators can block the Delete chat functionality (it is turned on by default) by editing the corresponding Messaging policy from the Teams administration portal ( under the Messaging policies section


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