Teams – You can now control the ‘suggest a feature’ menu

If you use Teams, you are probably aware that end-users can suggest/request a feature from Teams clients (desktop, mobile, web)

NOTE this menu is not available in GCC, GCC High or DOD tenants


Well, Teams administrators now have the ability to manage the availability of this menu to end-users

To manage it you need to create or edit a Teams Feedback policy using Teams PowerShell module (available here


To edit an existing policy

Set-CsTeamsFeedbackPolicy –Identity <policy identity> -UserInitiatedMode disabled -ReceiveSurveysMode disabled

To create a new policy

New-CsTeamsFeedbackPolicy –identity <policy name> -userInitiatedMode disabled -receiveSurveysMode disabled

Grant-CsTeamsFeedbackPolicy –Identity <user email address> –PolicyName <policy name>

Once assigned (or updated) it may take some time for the policy to be applied

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