Teams–You can now schedule messages

You can now schedule sending your Teams chat messages at a later time.

This new capability to send your chat messages is currently being deployed for preview tenants and scheduled for deployment as per the below schedule:

  • Production: early November, completed by late November
  • GCC: mid-November and completed by late November
  • GCCH: late November and completed by late December
  • DoD: roll out will start in late January and complete by late February

This is similar to the Delay delivery we know with Outlook client.

When this feature is available for you, next time you will see a notification when replying on an existing chat


To schedule sending your message using your Desktop client, instead of hitting Enter (or the Send button), right click on the Send button to have the option to configure the schedule


For mobile, you have to long press the Send button

This is not available in the the web client.

The schedule option is not available for new chat message; you have to send your first message before being able to schedule the next one(s)


Scheduled message cannot be flagged as urgent or important and can only be scheduled to up to 7 days in the future.

All attachments (files, inline images) will be available only once the message has been sent.

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