Azure – Azure Classic Resource providers are being retired

image  If you use Microsoft Azure, you probably know that resources and management of these resources rely on resource providers.

  You may also know that there is 2 different resource providers for some of these resources:

  • Classic Resource Provider – to deploy and manage resources using the classic / legacy method, inherited from the initial release of Azure some years ago
  • ARM Resource Provider – to deploy and manage resources using the ARM (Azure Resource Manager)

Well, for quite some time Microsoft has been announcing and retiring the possibility to deploy new resources (such as virtual machines or virtual networks for example) using the Classic provider.

Now, the Azure Classic Providers are being fully retired on August 31, 2024

If you are still using these providers (hopefully not), you have to move on to the ARM providers.

This also a good time if you did not have yet migrated your existing Azure Classic resources to ARM to start doing it (

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