Azure / Azure AD – You can now access your Azure AD tenant using the Azure mobile application

If you work with workloads running in Azure, you probably already know the Azure mobile application which allows you to have a view and let you manage your Azure subscriptions and resources on the go.

Well, the Azure mobile application has been recently updated to start filling a gap with this application: until now there was no way to have  look at the Azure AD tenant when using the application.

This is no longer the case. You can now access your Azure AD tenant to have information about your Azure AD, including synchronization if you are running in hybrid mode with on-premises Active Directory.

Please note this seems definitively a first baby step as you can only visualize information (tenant details, number of users and groups…) with no interaction possible (yet?).

You can provide feedback about this new capability in Azure mobile application by hitting the blue banner which will direct you to the feedback website (

NOTE you may not see immediately the Azure Active Directory blade in the Azure mobile app as it will be at the bottom – you can edit your Home page to move this blade upper

image  image  image

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