Teams – New licensing (free) option for Teams Rooms

If you use Microsoft Teams you may be already aware about the Microsoft Teams Room offering which allows you to setup your meeting rooms with devices running Teams (similar to Zoom Rooms).

A Teams Room device needs a Teams Room license to work and being manageable.

Well, good news as now you have 2 Teams Room licensing options:

  • Free – called Microsoft Teams Rooms Basic (or Microsoft Teams Rooms Basic without Audio Conferencing if you don’t need audio conferencing for the Teams Room device)
  • Paid – called Microsoft Teams Rooms Pro (or Microsoft Teams Rooms Pro without Audio Conferencing for the same reason as above)

Before jumping around as you could reduce your invoices, you first need to identify if the free Teams Room license is suitable for you:

Capability Teams Room Basic Teams Room Pro
Automatic device updates

Basic device analytics

Basic device health

Call quality dashboard

Create and view workspaces

Real-time telemetry

Regular feature updates

Remote sign-in and sign-out

Android device configurations

Device alerts

Device analytics – health and utilization

Device detail view

Device health details

Device tags

Graph APIs

Manual device updates

Remote restart

Windows device peripherals management

Windows device settings

Now you have identified if Teams Rooms Basic is suitable for you, you can then buy the subscription from your Office 365 administration portal ( from the Billing\Purchase services blade and search for Microsoft Teams Rooms Basic (under the Other services filtering option)


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