Azure Information Protection – The new Azure Information Protection version – – is now available

azure_information_protection   The new Azure Information Protection (aka AIP, aka AIP Unified Labelling, aka Azure Information Protection Unified Labelling) client is now available.

   This version – – is mainly fixing few bugs and does not provide any major improvements or new features.

The only ‘big’ change is the switch from Authentication Library (ADAL) to MSAL.

This switch should not have any impact on your end-users as the client will continue to use the token cache or SSO.

If you use AIP PowerShell (for example in scripts) or AIP Scanner, reauthentication will be required (see

As a reminder, you need to ensure you are running the latest version to keep supportability and enjoy any new features; any client running a version older than are no longer supported.

You can download the new client here

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