Azure AD – A new version of Azure AD Connect is available

UPDATE the version 2.0.88 has introduced a bug which can lead to user objects referencing on-premises shared and resource mailboxes to be deleted. A new version 2.0.89 has been released to fix the issue, please check the version before downloading AAD Connect from Microsoft website.

If you have an Active Directory and use Microsoft Cloud services you probably are syncing your AD with Azure AD.

As you should know, you should not run any version of Azure AD Connect older than the last 2 version.

Well, a new version of Azure AD Connect is now available:

Reminder if you are still running a 1.x version you should plan to upgrade your server to run the 2.x version as all the 1.x version will be retired in July 2022

As part of this/these new version, apart of the usual bug fix, you can now configure the Group Writeback (Azure AD to AD) to use the Display Name of the group instead of the DN (only for the 2.0.88 version)


IMPORTANT if you already had the Group Writeback configured you must disable it first.

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