Intune – You can now manage the priority for mobile application updates

As you know you can use Intune to deploy application to your mobile devices (Android, iOS).

Well, you can now also manage the priority for the application to be updated for Android devices only.

This means you can ensure your applications are updated as soon as an update is available and you no longer rely on the user device to perform itself the application update.

By default, the update priority is set to Default which means the device needs to be connected to WiFi, be charging  and not actively used – which most of the time means during the night.

If you switch to the High Priority setting the update will be deployed as soon as an update is being made available by the developer regardless of the requirements for the Default setting.

To change the priority, logon to your Intune/Endpoint Configuration Manager portal ( to access the Apps\Android\Android apps applications blade to edit the assignment of the application(s).


When editing the assignment click on the Default link available below the Update Priority option and switch to the High Priority option

image  image

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