Office 365 – Cloud Shell is now also available on Office 365 Administration portal

You may be already aware of Cloud Shell, a feature introduced with Azure allowing you to run PowerShell commands directly from the web browser (, which then has been extended to allow you to also connect to Exchange Online.

Well, now it is the turn of Office 365 as Cloud Shell just makes his appearance in the Office 365 administration portal (

To be able to get and use Office 365 Cloud Shell you need to have turn on the new admin center


Then you will see the Cloud Shell option at the top bar (just left to your admin account)


From there you can then use any Azure or Exchange Online PowerShell; I’m sure the Office 365 ones (and maybe SharePoint Online and Teams) will come in a near future.


2 thoughts on “Office 365 – Cloud Shell is now also available on Office 365 Administration portal”

  1. Hello Benoit,
    I activated the new admin center but still I don’t see the new icon Cloud Shell knowing we have an E3 subscription for our O365 Tenant?

    1. Hello
      the subscription has nothing to do with it
      can you try to turn on the targeted release at least for your admin account
      also please remember that feature deployment on Office 365 may take some time to reach your tenant (does not matter if you are in targeted or standard release

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