Teams – You can now define policy package

As you already know you can define Teams policies (aka Messaging, Meeting, Application, Calling or Live Events policies) to define various settings for Teams client.

This means for each Teams functionality you had/have to create a policy and then apply it to the users; which then could results in configuration/policy inconsistency as every policy is independent with each other.

Well, good news, you can now create Policy Package – including each of these independent policy – with the Teams Policy Packages.

These policy packages are helping you to streamline all the Teams policies applicable to users with common roles within your organisation.

A Teams Policy Package contains the Messaging, Meeting, Application, Calling and Live Events policies.

To start using the Teams Policy Package, logon to your Teams administration portal ( and reach out the Policy Package blade


You have 5 predefined policy packages (more will come in the futur) available you can then edit and apply to your users:


To edit a package, click on his name and adjust the configuration of each Messaging, Meeting, App Setup… policies as desired

image  image

You can also edit each of the policy directly from their corresponding blade – Messaging in the Messaging Policies, Meeting in the Meeting Policies…


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