Teams – You can now send feedback directly to Microsoft from Teams

Microsoft Teams has been updated to include a new feature to allow end-user to send feedbacks directly to Microsoft about their Teams experience.

The Give feedback feature is available by hitting the ? (question mark) sign bottom left from the Teams client

image  image

Administrators can disable this feature by creating a policy using the new CsTeamsFeedbackPolicy CMDlets; this is not available from the Teams administration center.

New-CsTeamsFeedbackPolicy -identity “<name of the policy>” -userInitiatedMode disabled/enabled -receiveSurveysMode disabled/enabled -enabledUserOverride

The userInitiatedMode defines if the Give feedback feature is available (enabled) or not (disabled)

The receiveSurveyMode defines if end-user can receive survey from Microsoft Teams; the enabledUserOverride applies only to the survey  mode and allows end-users to opt out (this feature may not be yet available in your Teams)

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