Exchange Online – New CMDlet for Room mailboxes and better booking capabilities

Room management and booking has been improved in Exchange Online with the add of new CMDlet to set additional properties (like features – such as video and/or audio capabilities, building and/or floor location and many other). These new properties can then be used by end-users when booking a room for a meeting.

The update deployment is scheduled to start early August for a completion date expected by end of September.


New CMDLet

The new CMDlet available for Exchange Online is called Set-Place. You can use it by passing the room identity using the Identity parameter (as always) and then define one (or many) of the properties:

  • AudioDeviceName <String> – defines if the room is audio capable. Default is set to $null which defines there is no audio device capability
  • Building <String> – quite self-explanatory
  • Capacity <System.Int32> – quite self-explanatory. If you already have set the capacity using the ‘old’ room property you don’t need to set it again with this new property
  • City <String> – quite self-explanatory
  • CountryOrRegion <CountryInfo> – quite self-explanatory
  • DisplayDeviceName <String> – defines if the room has a display/projector device. The default value is set to $null which stands for no display/projector device available
  • FloorNumber <System.Int32> – quite obviously defines the floor where the room is locate
  • GeoCoordinates <GeoCoordinates> – quite self-explanatory
  • IsWheelChairAccessible <$true | $false> – for accessibility purpose; helps to locate room which can be accessed by wheelchair
  • Label <String>
  • Nickname <String>
  • Phone <String> – quite self-explanatory
  • PostalCode <String> – quite self-explanatory
  • State <String> – quite self-explanatory
  • Street <String> – quite self-explanatory
  • Tags <String> – use comma separated when adding multiple tag values
  • VideoDeviceName <String> – defines if the room is video capable

These properties are only available through Exchange Online Powershell


Set-Place -Identity “Room 1” -VideoDeviceName “Video” -AudioDeviceName “Audio” -DisplayDeviceName “Display” -IsWheelChairAccessible $true


New capabilities for room booking

As explained above, these new CMDlet and properties can then be used when booking room hosted in Exchange Online to filter available room with specific requirements.

This only available (for now?) through Outlook Web Access using the new interface – not yet in Outlook clients.

When booking the room, use the Filter drop down to define your criterias


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