Azure – Virtual machines insights in preview

A new performance and monitor feature has been made available for Azure virtual machines called Insights.

This new capabilities (in preview) allows you to have deeper performance analysis of your virtual machine. All the capabilities offered by this new feature are not all available depending of your configuration:

  • The Health feature is only available for virtual machines
  • Performance and Map features are available for virtual machines and VM scale sets

This new feature provides the following capabilities:

  • Logical components of Azure VMs: measured against pre-configured health criteria, and alert when the evaluated condition is met
  • Pre-defined trending performance charts: Display core performance metrics from the guest VM operating system
  • Dependency map: Displays the interconnected components with the VM from various resource groups and subscriptions

NOTE the Health capability can work only if your Log Analytics workspace is hosted in the following region (hopefully will be more widely available at GA):

  • East US
  • Southeast Asia
  • West Central US
  • West Europe
  • UK South
  • Canada Central

To enable it, connect to your Azure portal ( and reach out the Virtual Machines blade


Then go to one of your virtual machine and reach the Insights (preview) blade (available below the Monitoring section)


Then you will be asked to onboard the virtual machine (if not yet done) to a workspace, which will then also enable the Virtual Machine Insights


If the virtual machine is already linked with a Log Analytics workspace you will only be asked to enable the Insights capabilities


Once enabled, you will then get detailed insights about your virtual machine

image  image  image

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