Skype for Business – Important change coming for public federation

If you have setup (or plan to) public federation with your Skype for Business on-premises, the following change is important.

Until now, when setting up public federation with Skype for Business you had to go to website to manually provision the public IM connectivity. On August 15th 2019, this website is being shutdown and as such the provisioning of public connectivity is changing.

It will use the federated partner discovery, the same mechanism to implement federation with Skype for Business Online.

To be prepared for this change, ensure:

For most of you this should not have any impact, especially if you are already in Skype for Business Hybrid mode as you are already federated with Skype for Business Online.

If you are already configured for public connectivity, you have nothing to do.

If you are not sure or want to enable the federation, check the properties of your Edge deployment using the Skype for Business Topology builder to confirm/update the federation settings as per the below screenshot;  both Enable federation for this Edge pool and Enable Skype-Skype federation search are enabled


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