Intune – You can send notification to managed devices

You can now send notification to iOS and Android managed devices to communicate with specific group of users (or all users).

Off course, do not use this notification feature to send sensitive information as it may appear on the lock screen and/or be accessible by other applications.

To start using it you need to have an Intune role which includes the Update permission.

The notification can be send to up to 25 groups; nested groups are supported and do not count against this limit.

The notification message is composed by a 50 characters title and up to 500 characters message; keep in mind the message is not saved which means if you need to resend a message you will have to create it again.

Intune will attempt the delivery to the Company portal for up to 1 hour after the notification is sent; the Company Portal will then send a push notification.

To start sending notification, logon to your Azure portal ( or Device management portal ( and reach the Intune\Devices blade

image  image

Then reach the Send custom notifications blade and set your notification, choose the group(s) – if the group contains both users and devices, only users will be targeted – to notify

Again, only iOS and Android devices will receive the notification

image  image  image

Once the notification is received, it will remains until the user dismiss it.

image  image  image

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