Intune – Be prepared as an updated CSP path is going to break your Email Profiles

With incoming April updates for Intune (version 1904), an update CSP path for email profiles is going to be deployed and will break your existing email profiles configured for Windows 10 (desktop and mobile).

This fix is going to solve an identified issue with selective wipe.

To be prepared, you need to capture every email profiles and their corresponding settings.

After the 1904 April update is deployed in your tenant, unassigne and delete these email profiles and then recreate and reassign them.

Your end-users will be notified their profile is out of date and they will have to follow the instruction provided to get the new profile applied.

In case you did not prepare for it, you will see the below error in your Intune console -2016281112 (Remediation failed)

This applies also to Hybrid MDM (which should not be in use anymore as it has been deprecated); if you are still using Hybrid MDM, the error will be displayed in your SCCM administration console with the error code 0X87D1FDE8

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