Azure Information Protection – Central management for AIP Scanner is coming

The Azure Information Protection (AIP) scanner is going to be easier to manage: a central management for Azure AIP scanner is coming.

This new capability is currently in preview; this means you need to use the Azure Information Protection preview client (version or later) and the required Azure administration portal configuration blade (if this is not yet available in your tenant, you will have to wait as the deployment is currently under way).

You can get the AIP preview client here

The idea of this central management point for AIP scanner is to allow you to define the scanner policy (scheduling, repositories, policy enforcement…) from one single location instead of being obliged to logon to each server running Azure Information Protection scanner.

In addition of this new central management point, AIP scanner does not require anymore one separate SQL instance for each scanner node; it can now use and share the same SQL instance/database across all AIP scanner node.

Once you have configured your Azure AIP scanner (see for the configuration of the Azure AIP scanner), you can logon to your Azure portal to configure a profile

  • Search Azure Information Protection


  • Then reach out the Profiles (preview) configuration blade


  • As this is the first time, you have no existing profile, click on Add to create your first profile


  • Name the profile and configure the different settings you want. NOTE you can not add a repository yet; you need to save the profile first


  • Once you have saved the profile you can than the repository/repositories; you can add either local path (c:\folder), network path (\\server\share) or SharePoint library (http://sharepointserver/library)


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