Office 365 – A new network performance tool is coming

Office 365 services can have a significant impact on network. Since Office 365 has been in the market, Microsoft has been provided guidance and tool (formerly known as SpeedTest or Office 365 Client Performance Analyzer more recently) to analyse the network impact of the various services offered by Office 365.

A new tool is underway (currently in preview / proof of concept) to help identifying connectivity and performance issues.

The current preview version is running only a subset of network tests but will increase over the time.

You can start using it by accessing the following URL – while you can still continue to rely on the documentation available here

Access to the tool does not require to authenticate against your Office 365 portal.

It is a web based tool, so no download or install required.

When you access the tool URL you are asked to provide your location; you can either manually enter it or ask for automatic detection. The location field will auto fill and propose the nearest location available.


Once your location has been determined, the tool is providing you basic information about your connection


Then after the map you will start seeing some performance comparison

This quite basic and low level information yet but I’m confident we will have much more coming up.

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