Intune / Windows 10 – You can refresh a device while keeping it enrolled

This has been available for few months already but apparently was not quite known.

Since last August 2018, you can now request to refresh an enrolled Windows 10 (1703 and later) from Intune.

The refresh option – called Fresh Start – will remove all preinstalled application while keeping the device enrolled.

It is important to Retain the user data if you want to keep the device enrolled (Azure AD Joined, enrolled device in the MDM and keep user’s content).

If you do not retain the user data, the device will be unenrolled.

To do so, access your Intune management blade from the Azure portal and access the Devices\All Devices blade to select the device to refresh


Then select the Fresh Start button available on top


Finally confirm the operation and either you want or not to keep the user’s data – please keep in mind what said above


Then within the next few minutes the device has been only, it will restart and will be refreshed accordingly


Once completed, and assuming you choose to keep/retain user’s data, the next time the user logged on there will be an HTML file listing all removed application (saved in the desktop)


And off course the device is then reporting as fresh restart completed on the Intune portal


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