Azure – New Azure Information Protection Client available

The new Azure Information Protection (AIP) client (version is now available for download here

As part of the usual fixes, the new version includes support for central reporting, support for S/MIME or better handling for disconnected client (aka client which will not be able to connect to internet for a certain period of time).

Also it no longer excludes MSG, ZIP or RAR files from the Windows Explorer contextual menu.

Central Reporting

You need to have an Azure Log Analytics workspace; if you don’t have one either create one upfront or when you configure AIP for Central reporting.


  • Go to the Configure Analytics (preview) option and associate your existing Log Analytics workspace (or create a new one)



Support for disconnected clients

Disconnected client is a client that you know may be unable to connect to your Azure environment to get the policies.

In this context, the client will not be able to apply protection if you are using “Bring Your Key”.

To enable such support, you need to configure the Advanced options for your policies

  • From the AIP configuration blade, reach out the Policies option and open the contextual menu (far right) of the policy to get the Advanced Settings


  • Then create a new setting with the following values:
    • Name: PullPolicy
    • Value: False


  • Finally get the disconnected client to update the policy

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