Azure – You can enable analytics for Azure Information Protection

This is a new capability being added to Azure Information Protection (AIP), currently in preview.

You can now enable analytics for AIP.

To do logon to your Azure portal ( and reach out the Azure Information Protection configuration blade


From there you should see  Configure analytics (preview) under the Manage section


From this configuration blade you can use an existing Log analytics workspace or create a new one; if you create a new workspace you will get back to this page after the creation.


Select the workspace you want to link AIP with and confirm the association.

NOTE if AIP was previously already associated with another workspace, the related data may be lost


Wait few minutes to get the confirmation of the association


Starting then, AIP will provide to Log Analytics usage statistics you will be able to monitor from the Usage report (preview) section


And you will be able to browse/search these AIP usage logs using the Data discovery (preview) option


You can search by location (endpoints/clients or file repository), device risk levels, protected (yes/no), labels used or information type.

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